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In my spare time I do enjoy "real" work. Like renovating our present home in Galicia Spain

Rural Galicia is where I live now
There is time to relax and think as well.
time to think

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We specialise in PROFITOL injections.

Our PROFITOL is only applied when we had a chance to uniquely mix and match it to your business needs.

PROFITOL MBGJ's lexicon shows the following entry:

PROFITOL - The word origin is profit and oil. Consultant speak and artificial word to describe requirements for the lubrication of businesses to generate (more) profit.

Major ingredient :

25 years business experience from bricks and mortar extended supply chain to world-wide infrastructure for e-businesses. IT professional, marketing and commercially trained by blue chip companies. Multi lingual and vast European experience. A holistic approach and view of business, it's customers, vendors, processes and opportunities. Own network of sites constantly researching, testing and expanding opportunities on the Internet.

Application (case histories):

Typical Index growth on Yahoo/Bing
Google is a bit slower
"bouncing" is not unusual when applying more aggressive strategies.
yahoo curve (typical)google curvey bouncing

Applied to SEO (search engine optimisation) it results in top position out of 5+ Mil pages. Applied to SEM (search engine marketing) it results in one of the highest conversion factors for the applied industry / business sector.

This has even more implications when running a flanking PPC (pay per click) campaign thus holding a lot of top spots in G alone.

CTR (click through)
Conversion rate of CTR
Cost per sale / Conversion cost / Acquisition cost

A holistic approach to e-business and e-supply-chain can result in explosive growth and profitability.

From an authoritative voice at Ecademy comes the following comment:

"Poor market (not just search engine) positioning may be the reason for your flagging web sales"
by Max Blumberg Ecademy

Here is an Idea...
Come on a working holiday

If it's on the Net, no reason to not have some working sessions right here....

Life in Galicia - House to rent

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Some examples of PROFITOL injections:

::Beat the Pre-Departure Stress :: Airport Parking, Hotels & Lounges ::
::Natural Remedy -Asthma & Hay Fever::
:: Bilderwelten Porträts :: Lifes-Essentials :: Europe - Who flies Where::

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