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From where I sit. (By MBGJ Dec./2005)

Fast start and sustained growth on the net - myth or reality?

Please read the short article below and judge for yourself.

In January 2005 I was approached by a client - "Could I help launch a site, get it noticed and more important stay there and grow".

After checking the business sector and competition my answer came in form of two questions. Can you deliver 100 pages of high grade content in 4 weeks? Can you deliver at least 5 new pages per day for at least 6 month?

After further intensive research a budget was agreed. Names reserved, technical groundwork put in.

The site launched on the 10th of April and was immediately interlinked with our existing network.

Below shows the HTML traffic pattern.

No it's not x*x and it's not a Xmas site either. The two blips you see show when we switched DNS to a secondary provider to test failover. This will also provide cheap and effective loadbalancing for future growth, but that is another story.

It takes research, content and commitment and yes money but the results are there for everyone to see.


PS We do not reveal clients and client details so below is a bit more detail based on some of our own sites we are running 2003-2005



Together with powerful partners from marketing and a Harley Street doctor, we've build a site that targets a very narrow and not uncontested area of a natural - magnetic therapy - based product to at least alleviate but in a lot of cases eliminate period pain.

Yes, I was skeptical as well! At a couple of dinners I happened to mention what I've been approached with and two ladies immediately confessed to having such problems and asked if they could test it.

After the test period I had sold two units without even having a site - need I say more.

Here we took the approach of using the domain name to exactly tell what it does. The site has serious, well researched background and a clinical no nonsense approach.
No gimmicks, basic navigation but content, content, content. Small stand alone sites are always very difficult to sell from. Here by using a straight forward, open and no gimmick approach we instill trust and seriousness.

Which is now carried back and forth between the full blown e-commerce site for Natural Remedies, with additional products and worldwide delivery.

This is now another profitable area and we are proud to be able to demonstrate to potential clients that not only we can help and do it but also that gimmicks don't sell a serious products.


To dominate a very small segment a serious, no nonsense approach with highly targeted content allows for a low budget site to establish itself and start generating the cash that is needed to expand it within the realm of it's target audience.

Natural Asthma and  Hay Fever remedy

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