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Here is a site that will check your DNS set up. DNS Quick Check If your domain name services (and servers) are not set up correctly you will experience problems. There are some minor warnings shown, these you can ignore.

Make sure your site (domain) is only reachable by either using or If you can get both it may well be that search engines have a problem deciding which is your domain and Google may penalise you as it sees duplicate content from two different domains. Yes I know it is the same but how do you tell a stupid computer?

It is called a permanent redirect or 301 redirect and there are three ways to achieve this.

It can be done via the DNS set up which is only possible if you have full access to your DNS server.

The webserver where your domain resides can be set up to do this (easy under Apache) again if you are on shared servers the ISP is unlikely to let you do this as this requires a restart of the Apache system.

You can use a special file that on ..nix systems is called .htaccess (note the dot in front). This is treated as a hidden file and you may have to adjust your FTP program to see it.
Into this you can put directives that will do this for you.

Sample for vanilla unix and apache server taken from this domain

Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^mbgj\.org
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=permanent,L]

To check if your site sends the correct headers test it here Header Check

Next is simple but a lot of sites fail this.

You have heard of META tags? Well <title>my titel goes here</> is the most important. It should be about 5-7 words or 70 characters and reflect what the page is about.

This tag is visible to search engines but not visible on the actual page when displayed.

To check your page you can use a tool but simply use your browser when on the page go to view and view source where you should fine entries of <title> <Meta keyword> & <Meta description>

Regardless of what people write or say we can confirm that title keywords description and your actual content MUST reflect each other to be taken seriously.

So mycompany home page in the title, here at our place in the description and just photos or graphics on the page is not going to cut it.

Also title keyword and description should be different for each page!

Here are some tools that will check if your code on the page is any good and if (very important) all the links on your page work. W3C Validator tools

Too much? Want a professional to have look? Drop us a mail and we see what we can do

If you would use ADsense - what Ads would be shown? Well here is a tool that will tell you

View AdSense Ads For:

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To get a quick view if a site is worth link to / from and laso have an eye on your own use this handy tool

Site Report Card

Please note: We are in no way associated with any of the above services. We find them usefull and they are part of our initial on-line assesment.

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