Refresh your windows registry

OK so you look after your PC. Trow out old apps and temo docs as well as cleaning up behind your favorite browser. See keep it running for more tips.

One ofter overlooked fact is that windows uses a registry to keep which is sort of a who is who on your computer and contains vital information for windows to function.

All files breathe – the get larger over time and may contain deleted records or spaces where there where records.
The problem with the registry is it\’s not a straight forward file and maybe locked when windows is started.
There is the registry editor that can be used but is a bit of a tool for nerds.

Now there is a nifty Little tool that on a click saves and restores your registry and the saved version can easily be taken off-line just in case.
Have look at this brilliant Little tool Backup – Restore registry

The backup and than the immediate restore will compress empty spaces out of the file and readjust the size.

Another simple bit often forgotten task.


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