Google forcing country extension – not with me please

Our big friend (or foe) G has done it again. They are now trying to force country extension. Thus if your IP hints at being uk G will set a country redirect and although you have as your home page you will end up with

I personally hate this as when I want UK or De results I go there.

The best way to get round this seem to be to set the No Country Redirect cookie or NRC as it is called.

The call to G to do this is to set it permanently as your IE home page (as you cant do it using IE) :

call regedit – Internet Explorer – Main – Start Page and override whatever is in there.
If you don\’t happen to have this value its value name = Start Page value =

Whilst you at it it is also a good idea to check other values to make sure you are not giving away too much.

This will be described in depth in one of my next blogs.

Expat @ MBGJ

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