Google forcing country extension – not with me please

Our big friend (or foe) G has done it again. They are now trying to force country extension. Thus if your IP hints at being uk G will set a country redirect and although you have as your home page you will end up with

I personally hate this as when I want UK or De results I go there.

The best way to get round this seem to be to set the No Country Redirect cookie or NRC as it is called.

The call to G to do this is to set it permanently as your IE home page (as you cant do it using IE) :

call regedit – Internet Explorer – Main – Start Page and override whatever is in there.
If you don\’t happen to have this value its value name = Start Page value =

Whilst you at it it is also a good idea to check other values to make sure you are not giving away too much.

This will be described in depth in one of my next blogs.

Expat @ MBGJ

Google big number or just lots of straw?

Recently noticed that a test domain from us had it\’s share of known pages by Google increased dramatically. Great – but –
on closer inspection only about 50% are fully indexed – 25% are supplemental results – 25% are known to G (e.g. no title / snippet).
Hold on supplemental results – last saw this in 2003 when the last size war was about.
See article by Danny Sullivan from 2003.

So cynically I assume that G now actually knows (indexed) about the size it claimed before the IPO and the latest is just a new number of known about! (but does bugger all). Also web pages? Sorry pdf doc txt are no web pages they maybe documents and can contain zillions of pages.

So is G just blowing straw to insulate against frosty times ahead?

This may make for a comfortable nest but is very irritating to the actual user.

Life\’s Essentials Directory

The Beta and soft launch phase of our directory – LED – has been succesful. We have quitely acquired about a 1000 links and now the software and databases are ready to go mainstream. The major SE\’s have graced us by dropping by and for the PR concious LED even has a nice PR.

So now we will increase the visibility of LED.


PS feel free to submit – use the invite of expatblog

MBGJ opens the blogging season

Finally found a decent blogging software so now I have to write my ramblings only once and have them distributed in the www world.
Once I\’ve found out how my speech recognition runs with this it will start fiering on all keys.