My name is Martin B. Götz-Jablonowski. I started in IT at the sharp end and worked as IT Director for a large FMCG company with responsibility across Europe. as well as senior manager for Europe's leading on-line travel agency.

Specialising in the e-commerce and .com sector using my skills for top positioning and streamlining the supply chain processes as well as gaining the maximum value for money out of networks and server farms.

Long research into the Internet and its usage enable me to achieve top positions for businesses and their presence on the Net. Some of these are represented on the pages and references can easily be obtained.

We use a simple concept to achieve results. We use content, content & content and the same amount of quality.
We do check and advise on the whole fulfilment chain. A brilliant site which is not "delivering" is simply useless and may only make money once.

For some clients we simply analyse and advise for some we take on the whole on-line site.

MBGJ.ORG Limited also runs "whitelabled" sites to prove what we are "preaching" works and we don't use or need our clients sites to experiment!

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