E-commerce is not a black art - it is rather simple and straight forward. Yes there are some rules and guidelines but the beauty is you can let your customers and vendors in on it. The Net allows direct and fast interaction and is a great opportunity to get closer to your clients, customers and vendors. Even the 50/50 of marketing (half works half don't) is easier on the Net. The fast turnaround and immediate feedback of the Net allows adjustments to marketing activity on the fly, which can save large amounts of money, time and embarrassment.

BUT if you're not committed, see it as an add on or just because your competition has a site please don't call us.

On the other hand if you are committed, can deliver 100 pages of 250 word unique content in 4 weeks, or have this already and want to engage with customers, feel free to mail, skype or call.

They say pictures tell a story, so here is a recent one:

Performance - Profitol

Just one word changed in the title of the relevant page!


SEO and SEM (Search engine marketing) is not black magic. But without tools in place to measure it is like flying a Plane into foggy Heathrow without ILS.

Everyone wants to be on position 1. Yes, it is a nice position, BUT what is actually achieved by having 10.000 visitors and a "bounce rate (visitors immediately leaving)" of 90%?
Been there done that. Visitors may key in a phrase but it is not necessarily what they actually looking for. Or the page is well positioned but does not engage the visitor.

So a P4 may "only" get 5.000 visitors but has a 30% bounce rate. We don't yet want to talk about conversion rate or clingyness of sites, although this is where the money (profitol) is.

Good positioning for the right key words / phrases is important but these may not be the ones one immediately thinks about. Like the above. This is done for "political" reasons,
Casa rurales are the super B&B's of Galicia, whereas we have a humble casa vacacional, but I have to compete on this key phrase as most Spaniards don't know the difference between a rural casa and a casa rural and its normal to have the adjective after the noun.. So no one looks for a rural casa.

More details, in-depth analysis and how to's together with dont's will appear shortly in an e-book by MBGJ.Org Limited.

A bit about our thinking around SEO (Search engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) together with some basic facts and truth about working on the Net can be found here


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