Both links bring you to this page as these are inextricably connected with each other and the below message is that important.

You can read about this until your eyes go square. There are a couple of simple rules and three major points:

1 - content
2 - content
3 - content

No content - no use of a web site. If your content reflects what people look and search for they will stay and look at your site.
To measure it find a tool that tells you how long people have spend on your pages. Results will be revealing.

Check if you and your friends / colleagues like the page and if it is easy to read. You may have noticed that text on these pages appears first and remains rock solid. Thus we (hopefully) keep you interested whilst the rest of the site builds.

You need to determine the target audience and which messages will reach them respectively catch their attention.

Use the hidden elements in HTML (your pages) to maximum effect but don't be tempted to "trick" anyone..

Don't try search submission that is obviously automated all major engines are wised up and do not like these. Your pages are valuable so they MUST be handled as if they are valuable and be hand submitted to major directories and search engines.
This is particularly important as you have only one shot at it. Yes you can change the entry later, but everyone who has tried will tell you it takes ages or is virtually impossible.

9 seconds is all you have. This is the average time a surfer spends to gather if your site is the one she or he is looking for.

Yes you read correctly the audience is long outgrown the nerds. It is now broad and wide. My father in law is 72 and this is who he keeps contact with the family all over the world and gets the information he needs,

At MBGJ.ORG Limited we have proof that we can get sites into the top and make a success out of an Internet presence but believe me it only works if the content, concept and fulfillment is there as well..

Again if you are serious about expanding your business with the help of the Net phone or e-mail us.

MBGJ written 10/2002 still valid as of 01/2006

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